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  1. Blog Challenge Finale!

    June 3, 2014 by emilyam

    I had so much fun during the Student Blog Challenge! I had eight posts (nine if you include this one), I enjoyed the ‘finish my post’ the most. I wish I were more active on this site and I want to do another challenge in the future. I received the most comments on my ‘hobbies’ post and I think it is because some people have things in common with me. My dad said the quiz on my first assignment caught his eye and liked the idea of a blog.

  2. And This Award Goes To…

    May 23, 2014 by emilyam

    5695559519_69d6853d18 (1)

    Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc

    I have read a ton of blogs that I love but my favorite one so far has been  her blog is spectacular! It really shows who she is as a person. There is so much depth and feeling in some of  her posts and I really admire that. The reason I chose her is because of her posts and she really deserves the recognition.

  3. My Crazy Family

    May 16, 2014 by emilyam

    One of the topics for the blog post this week is what makes a good family and I was drawn to this topic because it has many answers. To every different family the answer is different. For me the best family is one who loves you, and your family doesn’t even have to be related to you. Families are people who love and care about you. Those that make you laugh, and sometimes can tease you. They can be the people you are not afraid to be yourself around. Your family can be a group of friends of different race or religion. You don’t even have to look alike! I know this might sound cheesy but to me it is completely true. Though my family is mostly related to me they still care. That means a lot to me.

  4. My School

    May 8, 2014 by emilyam

    I go to a public school in Oregon, and unlike my elementary school this school is completely indoors. In my elementary school there were outdoor hallways, in middle school we only go outside during P.E. and lunch if it is nice outside. At my school we do not have to wear uniforms, but we do have a shirt with our school name on it that we can wear on T-shirt Tuesday if we want to. Showing school spirit by wearing the shirt can give you perks, like leaving class to go to lunch early. In the mornings, school starts at 8:20 but I am usually at school by 7:45. For breakfast I mostly have toast or cereal like Lucky Charms or Raisin Bran (healthy I know). To get to school I walk or catch a ride with my mom while she is taking my brothers, my younger brother is a fifth grader in elementary school and my older brother is a freshman in high school so my mom has to drive to three different schools! It takes five to seven minutes to get to my school when I walk and about a 45 seconds by driving a car, so I live fairly close. When we get to lunch we have only been through three classes, but it seems we are already hungry! The tables at my school are rectangular, gray, somewhat split apart halfway through  and only have enough room to comfortably seat four on each side, each section. Obviously since it only fits sixteen all together we try to fit about twenty-four, not because there are not enough tables, but just because we are immature. Our lunch is thirty minutes and very noisy! For core classes we have Language Arts, which is a reading or literature class, and Social Studies which is a class about events in foreign countries, and history. There is also math and science, and then flex. Flex is an extra class with different activities like writing, extra science and every week we have study hall. After lunch we have our electives, you can take drama, art, computers, F.A.C.S ( family and consumer studies) and a few more like P.E. At my school we have laptops, some iPads, and quite a few desktop computers. A typical school day for me is language arts, then social studies, finally flex then lunch. After lunch is my electives, then math and science. I love going to school, learning new things, meeting new people and having fun with friends. I hope you enjoyed learning about my school!

  5. Leadership

    May 5, 2014 by emilyam

    There are many opportunities to take leadership in and out of school. At my school you can always join the tiger club at the tiger club you can help make decisions that will help benefit our school. I believe that though the tiger club is not for everyone we should give it it a shot. It is great what students like us can do when we all work together to achieve a mutual goal. I can remember so many times that I worked with friends to get to a goal, once in fifth grade we all worked to try to achieve an fifth grade graduation field trip. I believe if you take a role of leadership and work to get something that when you finally get it you appreciate it more.

  6. Hobbies

    April 16, 2014 by emilyam

    I have a large variety of hobbies, when I was little I used to collect bouncy balls, but now  my hobbies are just slightly different. Now, I am really into reading. I read fantasy and fiction books, and that might not sound like much of a hobby, but trust be it takes up a ton of time! Other than being a book nerd I like to shoot the bow though I’m not that great of a shot yet. I got my recurve bow in 2012 and  I have only been able to hit bullseye once or twice. Though I may still be practicing getting better with my hobbies I would love to hear about yours, comment below or make a post and put the link in the comments.

  7. What Memories Mean

    April 13, 2014 by emilyam

    Memories are a very important thing. They help us make decisions, hard choices, and sometimes, fun choices. Learning is one thing you would not be able to do if you never had memories, now some of you would rejoice if you never had to learn how to do another math assignment again. But if you didn’t have memories how would you remember celebrating. If you had to choose one good memory to give up, for good, what would you choose? It is a hard choice. Memories help you learn the difference between right and wrong, if you were unable to do this we would all most likely go insane. The world would not be how it is today without memories, and we are all grateful for the technology of today.

  8. The Lost Island

    April 5, 2014 by emilyam


    Photo Credit: Rubem Jr via Compfight cc

         On the edge of the Lost Island sat a small town, mountains surrounded the small town and all the people. Myra, the towns store clerk  was one of the happiest people and always went to the beach to play with the sea animals. One day when Myra was walking out of her old cottage on the beach she heard a faint cry, “Myra,” the voice said “Myra over here!”  Myra looked around but saw nothing, shivering she walked over to the edge of the water and soaked her toes in a cold wave of  water. It was oddly chilly for a day on Lost Island, far away Myra could see storm clouds rolling in, they were thick and dark, they looked like what she had thought dirt cotton candy would look like. A small sea turtle crawled up and huddled up to Myra.

    “Are you not the most adorable thing ever,” she told the turtle. Looking at it a little closer she bent down and traced the unique marks in its shell with her fingers.

    “Miss, if you could please stop that,” the turtle said. ” It tickles quite a bit.” Myra stood frozen, unsure whether to scream and hide or to declare a scientific miracle. Noticing her frozen posture the turtle sighed. “Yeah, yeah I know ‘a talking turtle!’ I really do not see what the big deal is! Do I shout ‘Talking human‘ every time I see one of your folk? Alas I do not, so would it kill you to show the same courtesy? Hmm?”

    Myra stuttered. “No… Sir?”

    “Why do I even try?” The turtle cleared his throat  looking prideful he said. “I am Mathew, the currents sent me,” at her bewildered look he rolled his eyes muttering about humans or something like that. “It is a great honor to warn you, though, I cannot stay long, there will be a great disaster in your town,” with that a wave that came to Myra’s ankle swept Mathew away into the dark ocean.

    You decide the ending to The Lost Island and post it in the comments.

  9. What to do in Oregon

    March 24, 2014 by emilyam

    First of all Oregon, among many things is very, very rainy, so if you ever come here on vacation take my advice, bring a rain jacket, umbrella, and some rain-boots. But, if you’re not in the mood to get soaked and you have small children with you, I’d suggest going inside to a laser-tag or mini-golf location and having some family and friend fun. If you have people with you who are twelve and older, I highly suggest going to the Skycart indoor Racing center in Tigard, Oregon. I went there with my family last year, and we all had a blast! The go-carts went super fast which was so much fun considering I can’t drive a car yet. My family sure had a great time, I hope you go there if you are ever in Oregon!

    Do you know any odd facts about Oregon? Test your knowledge.

    1. What is the animal on our state flag?
    a. Mongoose
    b. Duck
    c. Beaver
    d. Cat

    2. Which city in Oregon was the first to have one way roads?
    a. Eugene
    b. Portland
    c. Springfield
    d. Salem

    3. What is the Oregon state nut?
    a. Walnut
    b. Peanut
    c. Hazelnut
    d.  Almond

    4. About how many people’ ashes are spread at the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse?
    a. 160
    b. 1,420
    c. 671,000
    d. 467,000

    Answers: 1) C 2) A 3) C 4) D

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